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1 piece of Glico Pocky Chocolate Biscuit Sticks 40g
1 piece of Nestle All Purpose Cream 250ml
1 piece of Del Monte Spaghetti 900g
1 can of Mega Premium Spanish Sardines in Soya Oil 225g
1 piece of Ovaltine 3in1 Powdered Choco Malt Drink 400g
1 piece of Nestle Coffeemate 250g
1 piece of Feneti Spread 400g (Hazelnuts with Milk and Cocoa or Hazelnuts with Cookies)
1 bottle of Primo Sparkling Red Grape Drink 750ml
1 piece of Old Town Instant White Coffee Classic 40g x 10s
1 can of MaLing Chicken Luncheon Meat 340g
Packaging: Rectangular Semi Tapered Weave Tray

Basket Galore 1500 B

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